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A Live Page is a truly unique company - combining sophisticated graphic design with the practicality of the budget conscious in-house Desktop Publisher. A Live Page provides you with marketing materials specific to your needs, realising that all companies are different, and even companies selling the same products operate differently, thereby requiring different materials.


Our experience comes from preparing materials for the audience - to get their attention, to retain their interest, to make an impact that will be remembered. We do this through stylish looking documents that present a professional image, impressing the audience, which is what you want to achieve with your customers.


We design and produce a range of products from Business Cards to Manuals to Websites, ensuring the thread of continuity encompasses your range of marketing materials.


Our level of assistance depends upon your requirements. Generally there are 3 categories:


1.    All research, preparation work and productions undertaken by A Live Page,

       minimal input by client


2.    Research conducted by client, preparation and production undertaken by

       A Live Page


3.    Research and preparation work done by client, minimal preparation and final

       production undertaken by A Live Page.


When you decide on your next marketing production, give us a call. We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised with the result.


                                                      Best Regards

                                                      Brenda Skene


                                                      A Live Page